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Call for Participants March 03,2017

Call for Participants 2017 Jean Monnet Conference

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Welcome to our Facebook webpage March 03,2017

Welcome to our Facebook webpage

For authors March 03,2017

For authors: Call for Papers ‘The European Union as an Actor in Security Sector Reform in the European Neighborhood’

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Ukrainian Institute for Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution

The Ukrainian Institute for Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution (UICM) is a non-partisan non-governmental organization established in 2015. The Institute aims to promote interdisciplinary research, research-led teaching and policy-making in Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution in Ukraine and beyond. UICM is comprised of a group of Ukrainian and international experts (with participation of students and PhD students) in the area of early-warning, conflict prevention, crisis management and conflict resolution. The initiative to establish UICM was triggered by the annexation of Crimea and the violent conflict in eastern Ukraine both of which have fundamentally changed the way Ukrainians understand war and conflict and the consequent need within the policy community and media, as well as the general public, for grounded, objective, high-quality research and evidence-based security policy. The dearth of credible research on crisis management and conflict resolution in Ukraine additionally diminishes the prospects of high-quality academic and professional development programmes that further minimise the prospects of building the institutional capacity of the Ukrainian state to formulate and implement feasible and viable public policies to address the multitude of legacy problems and emerging security challenges that need to be addressed by its institutions. This critical lack of capacity can only be addressed through broad regional and international collaboration. In other words what is needed, and what UICM seeks to facilitate and provide, is not just a simple transfer of knowledge between from the academic to the policy community, or from international to Ukrainian experts, but rather a collaborative effort in which local and international researchers and policy-makers are partners in an intellectual endeavour to develop, apply, and disseminate new research and relevant analytical and policy-making skills based on an interdisciplinary, theoretically and methodologically open and integrative approach.


‘The EU's Comprehensive Approach to External Conflict and Crisis Management’

Funded by Jean Monnet Programme of the European Union, the Ukrainian Institute for Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution (Ukraine) in partnership with the University of Birmingham (UK) will host the 2017 Jean Monnet Seminars on European Security in Odessa, Ukraine between 17 September and 19 September 2017.

The aim of this international workshop is to initiate and strengthen cooperation among the target groups, applying of interactive teaching methods, effective instructional techniques and modern communication technologies with the objectives:

• To enhance knowledge and awareness among policy-makers in Ukraine and other European Partnership countries of issues relating to European Security with specific reference to European security architecture and the EU's comprehensive approach to external conflict and conflict management;

• To introduce a broad set of innovative research strategies for explaining of the European security architecture from interdisciplinary perspective;.

• To strengthen contacts between junior academics and policy-makers; to raise professional , teaching and research skills of participating policy-makers and junior faculty by training in integrative, cooperative and experiential learning techniques.

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